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Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge 2020

Generation Unlimited is bringing together bright young minds to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing their generation.

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The second edition of Generation Unlimited’s Youth Challenge welcomes participants from Nigeria who have brilliant ideas on how to solve problems in their communities but lack the resources to turn these ideas into reality. With SAEDConnect as its lead implementing partner, Generation Unlimited (Gen U) will help these young innovators to develop their own ground-breaking ideas to positively impact their communities and win a $1,000 seed funding award.


The Youth Challenge was initiated by Gen U with her sight set on the following objectives.

Grooming Youths for Innovation

The program focuses on helping young people develop innovative solutions to the challenges in their lives.

Encouraging Teamwork

In the Youth Challenge we prompt the participants to work in groups to tackle the challenges. This makes them more comfortable when working with others.

Unlock Opportunities

Participants learn to view issues as opportunities for them to leverage on.

Youth Empowerment

The program targets young people with brilliant ideas who lack the resources to actualize the ideas and teaches them the necessary skills needed to bring these ideas to light.

Stages of the Competition

Gen U’s Youth challenge Nigeria will have 2 pre-bootcamp stages in Maiduguri and Lagos. The groups who emerge finalists from this stage will proceed to the bootcamp stage at Lagos.

Stage 1


The pre-bootcamp stages are scheduled to hold in Maiduguri, Borno State from the 4th - 6th of March 2020 and in Lagos 17th to 19th of March 2020. Participants will be divided into groups and taken through the theory and practice of Human Centered design. With this knowledge they will come up with relevant solutions to a design challenge in their local community. 3 winning groups from each state will proceed to the bootcamp stage.

Stage 2


The bootcamp stage will hold from the 18th to the 22nd of May, 2020 in the city of Lagos. The 6 finalists from the pre-bootcamp stages will develop their ideas further with guidance from seasoned mentors. Five winners will be chosen by the judges and get awarded $1000 as seed fund.

Stage 3


The winners of the Youth Challenge Nigeria will proceed to cultivate their ideas further on the African stage.

Meet Your Facilitators

Segun Araromi

Founder. SAEDConnect. Innovation and Strategy Consultant

Maryam Lawan Gwadabe

Founder, Blue Sapphire Hub

Abubakar Muhammad Abdu

General Manager, Blue Sapphire Hub

Prince Banky Ojutalayo

Lead consultant, Bridgepoint

Lamide Johnson

Storyteller, teacher, author

Grace Fase

Digital Communications Manager


The Youth Challenge was initiated by Gen U with her sight set on the following objectives.

Generation Unlimited is an organization under UNICEF that brings together partners from government, multilateral organizations, civil society, the private sector and young people from around the world. For the Youth Challenge 2020, Gen U partners with SAEDConnect to implement the project in Nigeria.

Gen U’s Youth Challenge had participants from 36 nations worldwide.

Its aim is to empower young people, sponsor a rapidly growing initiative and build sustainable impact throughout the world.

In Nigeria the competition held 2 pre-bootcamps at Maiduguri and Lagos. After the pre-bootcamps a virtual bootcamp was held for the qualifying teams.

Teams MUDA, JAZAS, ALPHA, MACHA and HARBINGER emerged as the winners from Nigeria's bootcamp, wining $1,000 each. Team MUDA went on to claim a spot as one of the global winners.