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The Mobile Money Academy

This specialized course prepares you to become a profitable Mobile Money Agent, making money for yourself by offering financial services to people around you on behalf of banks and mobile money operators.

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The Mobile Money Academy teaches you how to become a profitable mobile money agent, earning from N200,000 to N2 million monthly by offering financial services (like cash withdrawal and deposit, opening bank accounts, facilitating payments, savings, investments, insurance, etc.) to people around you.

Course Highlights

We are pulling out all the stops to create a thorough breakdown of the key steps needed to make you a high-earning mobile agent and presenting it to you in one specialized course. By enrolling you automatically gain access to:

An Elaborate Curriculum

16 days of detailed, high quality content in text and audio formats with practical explanations for every major concept taught and expert answers to all your questions.


Study at your own pace. Anytime, anywhere and with a wide range of devices.

A Certificate

At the end of the course you will receive a fully endorsed certificate in mobile financial services

Start-Up Help

Receive practical tips on how to start with what you have and get onboarded with at least 3 operators and start your business immediately.

The secrets to becoming a succesful mobile agent are a single click away.

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We are pulling out all the stops to create a thorough breakdown of the key steps needed to make you a high-earning mobile agent and presenting it to you in one specialized course. By enrolling you automatically gain access to:

Mobile Money business is about taking advantage of the opportunities that exist in the financial services market. Every day as humans, we spend and receive monies either by way of paying for goods and services or sending money to our loved ones or the need to have some cash at hand. So, there’s always a need for cash. Another important thing of note is that millions of Nigerians are unbanked and under-banked, and the Federal government of Nigeria through the CBN have enacted policies to ensure that all adult Nigerians are properly served in terms of financial services like savings, Investment, pension, Insurance and credit. So, the opportunities that exist are indeed huge. Mobile Money Agents make money by facilitating these financial services.

There are several benefits that exist when you become a mobile money agent. Some of these benefits include: You will be a major player and facilitator of the federal government Financial Inclusion Policy; you will make good profit from the business because the business is in high demand; the ATM and other cash points are grossly inadequate to service the cash needs of Nigerians, so your center will become a cash point of choice for many people in your neighborhood, you will be able to Enroll people for BVN and other bio data Enrollment program of government, etc.

Mobile money agents make money by offering financial services like cash withdrawal and deposit, airtime, account opening and other financial services to those who need the services and earning juicy commissions and fees for doing it

You make as little as N200,000 or even as much as N2Million in a month. You ask, how? Let’s look at a scenario together. If a mobile money agent charges N200 per transaction (e.g for every cash in or cash out) and is able to perform only, 50 transactions in a day, that agent will go home with N10,000 in gross profit. If the Agent can maintain this streak for 20 days, the agent goes home with N200,000. This is by far more than the basic salary earned by a typical bank worker. If an experienced agent then decides to open up several other branches, and has up to 5 branches operating, the agent then is able to up his gross profit per month to N1million. What if you were in a location where you could do just 100 transactions in a day? Or 200? Or even more – like in a market? Indeed, there are agents who make over N2million monthly, based on the locations where they have positioned themselves. Depending on your vision, you can grow your mobile money empire to a chain of sub agents under you, in different locations, who you pay salaries. You can own a chain of micro banks. The Sky is your limit.

Will you introduce us to avenues to get startup capital for the business? We will share options on how to get start – up capital (where necessary) to fund your wallet and start business. We will also introduce you to solutions that offer you extra cash to grow your business.

Yes, training participants will be automatically onboard as mobile money agents with 3 operators.

It can be either full time or part time depending on the business owner. Something unique about the business is that you can easily hire an employee and monitor your business transactions online from any part of the world. So, Yes - Mobile money business is flexible and can be combined with other businesses.

We do not issue POSs because we are not operators and we don't have the power to issue POSs. However, we will teach you how to request for a POS from any operator of your choice, and if you want a POS after the training, you can engage any of the operators we will onboard you with to collect a POS, and if you meet their conditions, you will definitely get the POS.

Yes. Youth corps members can leverage on the opportunity to start on time so that you can build your knowledge and customer base in the business. AMMBAN has quite a lot of members who started when they were observing their youth service program.

SAEDConnect is the convener of the Mobile Money Training Program in collaboration with officials of the Association of Mobile Money and Bank Agents in Nigeria (AMMBAN) SAEDConnect is the official youth empowerment accelerator platform of the Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED) Department of the NYSC that is designed to enable corps members and young people nationwide access the full benefits of the SAED program from anywhere they are. Our Mission is simple: To enable solutions that help young people discover their potential, develop & activate their employability and entrepreneurship capacity, and become self-reliant. Read more about SAEDConnect on the NYSC Website. You can also review our brochure to learn more about who we are and what else we do. Association of Mobile Money and Bank Agents in Nigeria (AMMBAN) is an umbrella body for mobile money and Bank agents in Nigeria. AMMBAN was set up to help facilitate, organize and speed up financial inclusion effort towards the financial inclusion policy of the Federal government of Nigeria. For more info about AMMBAN, visit: