04th Mar 2021

Peniel Chidumaga

Mentor Driven Capital

Learn to position yourself as an ideal business angel and understand how to effectively combine financial backing and mentorship to guide entrepreneurs to success. Be a part of the Business Angel Movement today and help realize the African startup potential.


Key Highlights

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What is Mentor Driven Capital?

The mentor-driven capital is an approach that uses mentorship and financial investment to guide entrepreneurs to success. Through mentoring, business angels offer more than just money. They create value for startups by sharing the knowledge, experience, and network they’ve gained over the course of a career and actively supporting founders to maximize the return on investment.

VC4A is working with leaders in the industry to provide you with the best tools and lessons learned. By engaging with experts across the African startup industry, VC4A makes the content and design of the mentor driven capital program contextually relevant.

VC4A believes Mentor-Driven Capital is core to unlocking the continent’s potential. Not only is the pool of entrepreneurial talent coming up across Africa expanding, but the number and the quality of ventures are also improving over time. These companies represent a powerful collection of innovations, products, and services that have the potential to transform every industry. At the same time, as these businesses grow, they offer new sources of income and produce high-quality job opportunities.

Who Are Business Angels?

Think of it this way: There are two individuals who believe in the potential of an idea, share an enthusiasm and dedication for its potential, and are willing to put in the hard work needed to implement the idea successfully. One individual is the entrepreneur who is responsible for building the business structure that will carry the idea. The second individual is the business angel. He offers hard (money) and soft (time, expertise, and network) capital support.

Investing hard capital (money) without offering the entrepreneur soft capital (time, expertise, and network) means the individual is an investor. Investing soft capital (time, expertise, and network) without investing hard capital (money) means the individual is a mentor. Mentor-Driven Capital is the combination of both and is what defines the BUSINESS ANGEL and understanding how to add value to a starting business is core to becoming a successful business angel.

What to Expect

Angel investing is undoubtedly about providing early-stage companies with investment capital, but the expertise and network that you, as a business angel, can share with entrepreneurs is also vital to their growth and success.

This course will boost your ability as a high-powered mentor to support entrepreneurs while learning to think and act like a savvy business angel.

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