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We exist to empower & activate Africa’s Young Human Capital by leveraging technology & strategic partnerships to enable solutions that help young people discover their potential; develop and activate their employability as well as their entrepreneurship capacity to create value and derive economic benefits.

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So many ways to Plug in...

Empower thousands of youths when you leverage our nationwide data collection agent network to collect high quality data at a fraction of the cost of using traditional teams.

Scenarios where this can be useful include:

  • Market Research and Surveys: Collect Multi-media customer feedback across a wide variety of subjects from any location nationwide
  • Mystery Shopping: Get anonymous teams to monitor and measure service performance across your customer touch-points - to see if defined standards are met.
  • Location Mapping: Collect data from/about GPS verified points – with pictures & videos if desired.
  • Product Engagement: Connect with your existing & potential customers and communities understand what they need and value, to enable you create better products and service.
  • Merchandise Audits: Conduct in-store merchandise audits of your products (and the competition) quickly.


  • Collect data from any location: Collect data from one location or multiple locations, simultaneously.
  • Collect data from remote locations: Collect data from urban or rural areas. We have legs on the ground in all 774 local governments.
  • Collect data in any format: Collect data in survey, text, audio or video format
  • Use technical experts to collect technical data: e.g, use only health practitioners to collect health related data
  • Collect data at a fraction of the cost of sending traditional teams

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Need help finding a raw material or input for your business? You will be creating opportunities for young people when you use their presence across the country, to source for that item you are looking for. Our SourceGrid program provides earning opportunities for young people by harnessing their decentralized presence to discover new sources for your inputs - cheaper, faster, more reliably, and in real-time.

  • Discover new potential customers – Compile a dossier of potential leads that fit your defined criteria.
  • Discover new suppliers – Reach to remote locations and cut out the middle men for your raw materials and other inputs
  • Discover cheaper prices – Power up your procurement function by investigating the price bands for goods & services of interest, nationwide


  • Source for your inputs from any location: Scout for your desired inputs from one location or multiple locations, simultaneously.
  • Source from remote locations: We have legs on the ground in all 774 local governments. We can go as far as you require.

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We can support you to spot, nurture & shape forward thinking, brilliant minds, to fuel your pipeline of young (entry-level) leaders shaping your future. Our Talent sourcing service relieves you of the usual stress associated with hiring and gives you access to carefully pre-screened individuals most suitable to work for you.

What you get

  • Verified Talent
  • Excellent Recruitment support

Host a Talent Contest Find the best brains through customized skill contests that differentiate the good from the great.

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Micro enterprise opportunities like distribution/reseller franchises are a great way for young people to earn legitimate income, while getting introduced to the basics of entrepreneurship. We welcome businesses who are looking to expand their market base to create distributor programs with us that young people nationwide can tap into.

How it works

  1. Uzoma sells top-quality packaged crayfish but only sells it around Onitsha.
  2. He creates a distributor program with SAEDConnect and we connect him to young people willing to become his product distributors nationwide.
  3. Uzoma Ships his products to selected distributors who sell them in their locality
  4. Uzoma’s business expands, and the young local distributors earn legitimate income for themselves.

Helping you suceed

  • Stock loans : We can process stock loans to help interested young people who do not have enough to purchase upfront stock, participate in your program.
  • Product community: We create an online distributor community for every distributor program where participating distributors can learn from each other and share ideas for progress.
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We help individuals and organizations define their youth development goals and build responsive programs that meet these goals, We will bring to bare our inclusive range of knowledge, talent and imagination as well as our assets, experiences and network to enable goals that stimulate positive social change.

We can support you across the development chain of your youth program

  • Research & Learning: We will work with you to gather, analyze and apply data and feedback in the on-going iterative process of discovery, learning and adaptation in the quest to evolve a solution that delivers impact.
  • Strategy Development & Review: For partners with existing youth development strategies and initiatives, we will support with the development, review and adjustment of these strategies to ensure, programs, projects and partnerships are responsive, impactful and sustainable. Throughout the process, we ensure clear, results-focused articulation of how approaches will lead to impactful outcomes
  • Program & Content Design We can collaborate with you to use research evidence and local intelligence to develop or re-design thoughtful and robust program frameworks and content.
  • Program Communication & Promotion: We will engage with your partners and stakeholders to develop and distribute creative messages that influence participation and spur desired action. Communication collateral we could help you create include articles, white papers, reports, case studies, testimonials, presentations and other communication tools.
  • Resource Mobilization & Program execution: We will work with you to mobilize human, material and financial resources, build cross-sectorial expertise and collaborations to leverage resources and maximize impact, supervise, monitor and report on the execution of your youth development initiatives.

Promote your youth program across our platforms
Have an existing youth program? We will list and circulate it across our various platforms to ensure as many young people as possible can get access to it.

  • Circulate your program in our newsletter: Your program can be featured in our youth opportunity newsletter, sent to a list of nearly 1,000,000 young people in the SAEDConnect youth network bi- month.
  • Targeted promotion: We can push your program to a targeted subset of our audience via email, SMS or push notifications. You can target our audience by location, education, skills, interest, etc.
  • Go offline: Extend your reach by connecting to our wide network of young on-the-ground leaders, nationwide who can take your search, offline, to the grassroots and promote your program in the right places.
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Many youths find themselves in critical situations where they have to make key career decisions, and they often have a lot of questions. The quality of the answers they get will determine the quality of the decisions they take.

Our mentor program connects youths to experts in various fields through various mentorship platforms and channels and avails them the opportunity to interact and get sound advice in a secure environment.

Mentors function as catalysts, providing necessary guidance to the youths as they navigate through their growth journey. We welcome individuals with vast experience across different career or entrepreneurial fields to join our mentorship program.

You can serve as a mentor in various ways including:

  • Moderating specialized online or mobile forums where you can answer questions & stir conversations
  • Speaking in mentorship events
  • Organizing Specialized Coaching sessions for interested youths
  • Other mentorship platforms that you may have.
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    SAEDConnect is Youth Empowerment Accelerator. We exist to empower & activate Africa’s Young Human Capital by leveraging technology & strategic partnerships to enable solutions that help young people discover their potential; develop and activate their employability as well as their entrepreneurship capacity to create value and derive economic benefits.